OpenBit Luna

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"The first night light to keep the fear of computer science at bay..."

The OpenBit Luna platform is a programmable night light that teaches the fundamentals of computer science. This kit is designed to be accessible and appealing to anyone. By putting an emphasis on the basics and implementing simple instructions, most learners can assemble the system in under 10 minutes, and have a basic understanding of binary digital logic, analog controls, circuitry, and colorful optics soon after!

OpenBit Luna - Packed with Learning Features:

- Online learning resources, accessible with QR code

- 3 Programmable LEDs

- Random Access Memory (3 Bits)

- Red, Green, and Blue Color Theory

- Analog Trimmer, Digital Input

- 100% Open-source Design

- Screen-printed Assembly Guide

- Micro-USB 5V Power

The simplest computer out there! Low-cost, high-quality.